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Amplesun 100W Amorphous Panel

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Amplesun 100 watt thin film or amphorphous solar panels offer excellenct performance and cost efficiency.  Thin film panels offer better performance than monocrystalline panels in weak or diffuse light so are well suited to locations where there may be some shading or where the orientation or roof angle is not ideal.

The Amplesun panel has a homogenous surface and black frame giving it an attractive look. Each panel has an area of 1.57m2 so it is best suited where roof space is not overly limited.

Amplesun panels are certified and approved by the Clean Energy Council to meet Australian Standards and conform with international standards: IEC61646 and 61730 in their ISO 9001 certified factory.

Electrical Characteristics

Model ASF100
Maximum power [W]: 100
Maximum power voltage [V]: 77
Maximum power current [A]: 1.29
Open circuit voltage [V]: 99
Short circuit current [A]: 1.65

Mechanical Data

Dimension [mm] L 1,414 × W 1,114 × T 35
Weight [Kg]: 20.3
Connector: MC4 equivalent
Cable length [mm]: 1,000
Cable size [mm2]: 2.5

Installation Limits of ASF

Maximum system voltage [V]: 1,000V
Operating module temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Typical operation temperature: approx. 20°C to 25°C
Maximum load: 2,400N/m2 or 245 Kg/m2

Download the specifications brochure here

Weight: 20.3 kg
Dimensions: 1414 mm × 1414 mm × 35 mm

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