Speed Rail Mounting Kit

Choose Solar's speed rail kit is an ingenious solution for installers who want a quick, light and easy mounting system for PV panels.

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Installation Demonstration

You can see here how easy and quick it is to install solar PV on a tile roof with Choose Solar's speed rail mounting system and hanger bolts.

Click here to see installation guides and specifications or click here to view further example videos of a speed rail tile roof installation.

The speed rail offers these great benefits over conventional mounting systems:

  • Flexible design to allow various configuration including horizontal and vertical mounting
  • Fully adjustable X and Y axis to ensure homeowners see only perfectly aligned rows of panels
  • Lightweight aluminium in a low profile for a clean and easy installation

Mounting Kit Options

Speed rail kits come pre-packaged to suit rows of three to six panels. The kit includes angle brackets for base mounting as well as clamps for PV panel mounting.