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  • Design life 20 years
  • Combine the advantage of lead acid battery and supercapacitor
  • Ideal for PSOC cycle application
  • High power, repid charge/discharge
  • Reduce sulfaction of negative plate, excellent recharge acceptance performance
  • Waterproof, anti-salt treatment, chockproof module installation design
  • Comply with IEC60896, IEC61427 etc. standard
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  • Renewable energy storage
  • Smart power grids and microgrids system
  • Distributed energy storage system
  • Hybrid energy storage system such as solar and wind
  • Home energy storage system
  • Solar power generation grid/off-grid energy storage system
  • Emergency lighting system
  • Generator and battery hybrid energy system
  • Other standby, cycling system


Choose Solar went the extra mile to make sure we had the right equipment, they took the time to listen to us - no question was left unanswered. We're happy and we understand a lot more about the whole solar process. Our solar equipment arrived on time and at a great price.

Mike Herstell