What Are The Main Features Of Narada Batteries?

What Are The Main Features Of Narada Batteries?

What Are The Main Features Of Narada Batteries?

Narada is a global industry leader in the manufacture of battery solutions for a variety of industrial applications.

They come with a range of capabilities to accommodate specific requirements. Their 12V solar range includes an extensive range from lead-acid to gel batteries.

Following is the Narada product range with a summary of their features and benefits:

12V Solar Range of Batteries

  • AcmeF Series

The 12V nominal voltage capacity batteries in the Acme F Series range from 50 to 200 Ah.

  • AcmeG Series

There are seven valve-regulated lead-acid batteries in the AcmeG series. These front-access gel batteries designed with high-energy density and polymer gel electrolyte feature state-of-the-art internal and external design.

  • Aries Series

Aries batteries with excellent deep cycle performance are designed to be used as standby power for military, power, and communication broadcast and television systems. There are 15 batteries in the Aries series to choose from, each one providing outstanding performance and a 15-year life.

  • EOS Series

The EOS range of batteries from Narada is designed for standby power for communication systems. They feature the latest improved technology and high energy density in an elegant design. There are fifteen products to choose from in this series.

  • GPG Series

The GPG series gel batteries feature Absorbent Glass Mat (GPG) technology with gel electrolyte. There are 28 batteries in this series to ensure that specific operational requirements are met.

  • HTB Series

Designed for high-temperature environments and new energy sources such as wind energy and photovoltaic energy storage systems, the 313K Series of batteries feature high-temperature resistance, safety, reliability, and long life. These batteries are widely used for energy storage, electric power, and telecommunications and are ideal for use in cycle or hybrid systems in harsh, high-temperature environments.

  • MP 6-GFM Series

This range of VRLA batteries is designed with a front terminal structure that ensures they are highly reliable and makes installation safe and simple when placed in a closed cabinet or on a standard relay rack tray.

  • MPG Series

There are 11 gel batteries to choose from in the MPG series of 12V solar battery range each designed for safe and simple installation.


The AGM range of batteries features a very low internal resistance that makes them particularly suited for use in high current discharge applications such as thrusters, winches, and inverters, as well as engine starting.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries have a higher density than most other types of rechargeable batteries which means that they can store more energy for their size and weight. 

They can also operate at higher voltages which means that a single cell can be used rather than multiple NiCd or NiMH cells. 

They also have a lower self-discharge rate which means that they can retain a charge for longer than other types of rechargeable batteries.

Narada HTB Batteries

The 313K Series of Narada batteries are designed for use in high-temperature environments.

With new energy sources such as photovoltaic energy storage and wind energy, they feature high-temperature resistance, safety, reliability, and long life.

Features and Benefits of the HTB Series of Narada batteries include:

  • Patented anti-corrosion grid technology
  • Increased internal compression for improved cycling endurance
  • Optimised active material for high-temperature conditions
  • Oxygen catalyst to extend cycling capability and reduce float currents 
  • Unique high-temperature case material with HDT in excess of 124 degrees Celsius 
  • Advanced negative plate protection system
  • Excellent deep cycling capability systems
  • Reduced systems operating costs
  • Up to 100% savings on air conditioning maintenance and condensing agents
  • 30% CO2 gas emission reduction
  • Suitable for continuous operation at temperatures in excess of 35 degrees Celsius.

Narada manufacturers offer a wide range of batteries including solar and lithium-ion products.

They are capable of meeting a wide range of industrial requirements and the QA system in their series of batteries ensures quality and safety according to the ISO9001&ISO14001 standard.

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