Advantages of Narada Lead Carbon Batteries Over Other Brands

Advantages of Narada Lead Carbon Batteries Over Other Brands

We all use devices that have batteries. Most of us who are not tech-savvy do not really understand the composition of these batteries.

These cells are made of chemicals, and the most common ones are Lithium-ion and lead-acid ones.

However, other applications, such as solar power generation might be better suited to different types of batteries.

Lead carbon batteries have emerged as suitable options for off-grid power storage applications, and Narada is one of the best brands in the market.

However, what makes them better than the other brands in the market? Please read on and find out.

  • What are Lead Carbon Batteries
  • Benefits of Lead Carbon Batteries
  • Why Nerada Batteries are better than other brands

What Are Lead Carbon Batteries

Lead-acid batteries are common today and are used in many applications.

They come in varying forms and sizes, ranging from as small as a single 2V battery to a large 12V battery.

There are different variations of lead-acid batteries, and here is where we introduce the lead-carbon battery.

Lead carbon batteries have emerged as the preferred option for off-grid storage applications and are threatening to take over all the previously used ones.

They are not much different from the traditional lead-acid batteries in that they have a positive lead plate and a carbon composite negative.

The main difference is that carbon is added to the negative plate for added advantages.

This carbon acts as an enhanced capacitor improving the rate at which the battery charges and discharges. This makes the battery more efficient for users.

The most common lead-carbon cells are the Gel sealed ones and use an electrolyte cover to improve safety and make it easy to maintain.

Benefits of Lead Carbon Batteries

Lead carbon batteries are turning out to be better than many other types due to the benefits they have.

The increased charging efficiency increases the performance of the battery fairly significantly.

The charging time of these batteries is one-eighth of a lead-acid battery.

When compared with the lithium-ion battery, the main benefit is a more mature production and recycling process, among other things.

These batteries are suitable for On-Grid and Off-Grid systems due to their improved discharge amperage capacity.

A set of lead-carbon batteries can handle a 5kW discharge capacity without any issues but not the Lithium-ion or Lead-acid ones.

Other benefits of the lead-carbon batteries include:

  • High cyclic life
  • Low maintenance and no watering needed
  • Sealed VRLA construction means no gassing
  • They are 96% recyclable
  • Can tolerate a wide range of temperature range (-30 to +60 C)
  • Reduced sulphation
  • Excellent charge acceptance

Why Narada Lead Carbon Batteries Are Better Than Other Brands

You will find several types of lead-carbon batteries in the market, but Narada should be your preferred option.

They are ultra-lead carbon batteries specifically designed for hybrid energy systems and energy storage systems.

They are cost-effective and high performance and perfect for your off-grid solar system.

They are an attractive option for people looking to leverage the power of solar energy or those who want to get off the grid completely.

They provide a whole new level of performance for off-grid power with high energy density, high power, and longer cyclic life.

Customers who have used Narada Lead carbon batteries can attest to their quality.

You can check the reviews they left on the internet, and you will truly be impressed by what people using these batteries have to say.

If you are looking for a reliable set of Lead carbon batteries, look no further as Narada Lead Carbon batteries are your best option.

They will work well for your off-grid power system and you won’t need to look for any other brand again.

At Choose Solar, we provide purpose-built mounting equipment for the solar power industry as well as high-quality Narada solar batteries and inverters and are your number one choice.

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