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      • Rexc 300ah x 48volt @50% D.O.D
      • Generates 14.40 kWh/day (approx.)
      • Can save you up to $1000/year
      • Ideal for Family Size of 2-3
      • Rexc 400ah x 48volt @50% D.O.D
      • Generates 19.2 kWh/day (approx.)
      • Can save you up to $1000/year
      • Ideal for Family Size of 2-3
      • Rexc 600ah x 48volt @50% D.O.D
      • Generates 28.0 kWh/day (approx.)
      • Can save you up to $1000/year
      • Ideal for Family Size of 2-3
      • Rexc 800ah x 48volt @50% D.O.D
      • Generates 38.40 kWh/day (approx.)
      • Can save you up to $1000/year
      • Ideal for Family Size of 3-4
      • Rexc 1000ah x 48volt @50% D.O.D
      • Generates 48.0 kWh/day (approx.)
      • Can save you up to $1000/year
      • Ideal for Family Size of 3-4
      • Rexc 1200ah x 48volt @50% D.O.D
      • Generates 57.6 kWh/day (approx.)
      • Can save you up to $1000/year
      • Ideal for Family Size of 3-4
      • Rexc 1500ah x 48volt @50% D.O.D
      • Generates 72.00 kWh/day (approx.)
      • Can save you up to $1000/year
      • Ideal for Family Size of 3-4
      • Rexc 2000ah x 48volt @50% D.O.D
      • Generates 96.00 kWh/day (approx.)
      • Can save you up to $1000/year
      • Ideal for Family Size of 3-4

How to Find the Best Battery Package for your Solar System

The demand for renewable energy sources has increased in recent years. People are going green, and one of the best sources of such power is solar energy. 

If you are planning to install a solar system at home or work, you will need a battery pack to store the converted energy. 

The battery pack you choose is crucial as this defines the capacity of your solar energy system and the applications you can use it for. 

Therefore, it is vital to consider your options thoroughly when analysing the available solar battery packs if you are to land the best one. 

How to Choose the Best Battery Packages  

When comparing battery packages, you will come across several specifications that will confuse you. Here are the important factors to consider when choosing a battery package:  

  • Capacity and Power.

The capacity of a battery pack is the total amount of electricity that a battery pack can store. 

This is measured in Kilowatt-hours (kWh). The best thing about most packages is that they offer room for the addition of other individual batteries which helps to increase the overall capacity. 

Note that while the capacity tells you how much power can be stored, it does not give an idea of how much electricity the pack can provide at any particular time.

Therefore, it’s important to look at the battery’s power rating. This is the amount of electricity it can provide at any particular moment and is measured in Kilowatts. 

This metric helps you to determine the kind of appliances you can use at home or work. A battery that has a high capacity and low rating can sustain small appliances for longer. 

One with a higher rating will run the entire home but only for a short time. 

  • Depth of Discharge

Solar batteries need to retain some amount of power even when they indicate that they are discharged. This depends on the specific battery’s chemical composition. 

Fully using a battery’s power continually will significantly reduce its useful life. The DoD is the amount of battery power that can be used. 

The manufacturer specifies this value, and if one defines 80%, you should only use this percentage of the total capacity.

  • Battery life and warranty

It is likely you will invest a significant amount of money on a battery pack therefore, it helps to look at how long it will last. 

The battery will charge and drain daily as you use it, and this affects the battery life. Over time, the capacity will reduce, and it might come to a point where you are forced to buy a new one.

Your battery pack of choice will come with a warranty that guarantees a specified amount of time when the battery will optimally work. 

The warranty will be specified in the form of cycles, or years when being used at a certain percentage. 

Always lean towards the battery packs that offer a more extended warranty since you do not want to buy one that will only serve you for a few months.

  • Manufacturer

Different vendors produce battery packs, and it helps to look at the reputation of the one you buy from. 

Look at the track record of the manufacturer as you want to buy a pack from proven performers. The internet is a great resource when making these assessments. 

Go to the independent review websites and check out what people say about a specific brand of battery packs.  This way, you will learn about the best options in the market and avoid those that have bad ratings.

What is Included in a Battery Package?

A battery pack is a collection of individual batteries used to store power from solar panels. The more the cells in a package, the more energy you can store. 

This way, your home will receive electricity supply even if the sunlight is minimal. A battery package should contain an inverter which converts the power into a form that can be used by the appliances. 

You will only need a single inverter and you need to check on the specifications to ensure that the one you pick can work with the individual batteries in your pack.  

A package should have proper input from the solar panels and an output that lets you connect appliances at home or work.

Benefits of A Battery Package

  • Increased Capacity.

Solar systems are reliable when you can store as much power as possible as we have no control over how long the sun shines. 

Individual batteries are limited in terms of capacity, and it is costly to find a single one that can offer you huge capacity. Therefore, a battery-pack gives you the advantage of getting lots of capacity without breaking the bank. 

They allow you to add several batteries with different capacities and store as much power as you need for your home or work.

  • Customisation

When you buy a battery from a manufacturer, you can change very little about its specifications. This becomes a challenge if a single cell can not meet your needs. 

However, a battery pack offers you the much-needed flexibility when you want to tweak some things about the power storage, for instance, the capacity. 

By playing around with the batteries you have and coupling them with other electrical devices such as step down transformers, you can customise the power output to fit your needs.

  • Cost

Battery packs can help you save a lot of money in the long run. While the batteries work together, they are not reliant on each other. 

This means that if a single one goes past its useful life, you can keep on using the others until you choose to replace the old one. 

The capacity of the pack might reduce, but it will still supply you well. Battery packages are an essential part of your solar power system so make sure you thoroughly analyse your choices well before picking one. 

You will find several brands in the market so take your time to analyse each of them before making your choice. At Choose Solar, we provide high-quality solar batteries and inverters and are your number one choice in Melbourne.

For all your solar installation and solar power needs, please call us today on 03 9761 5371 or send us a message through our contact page.