Does An Off-Grid Solar System Used On Farms Need Batteries?

Does An Off-Grid Solar System Used On Farms Need Batteries?

Off-Grid Solar Systems Farms Need Batteries

Are you currently using an off-grid solar system on your farm? Do you know whether an off-grid solar system needs batteries?

Off-grid solar systems used on farms are not connected to a central utility grid.

If you are using such a system, you may require a battery storage device to capture solar generation to be used in the future.

In a grid-tied solar system, the grid will operate like a giant battery. Hence, you don’t want batteries if you rely on a grid-tied solar system on the farm.

However, grid-tied solar systems are not feasible in remote and isolated areas.

That’s why you need to use a battery device when you opt for an off-grid solar system for your farm.

In this article, we will take a look at the following:

  • Grid-Tied Solar Systems
  • Hybrid Solar Systems
  • Off-Grid Solar Systems
  • Why Off-Grid Solar Systems Used On Farms Need Batteries?

Grid-Tied Solar Systems

You need power from the solar system early in the mornings and late in the evenings.

These are the times of the lowest solar production as well as the highest energy needs.

During this time, the solar system will draw power from the grid. The grid will act as a giant energy backup system under such circumstances.

When the sun starts to shine in the afternoon, you will be using your fresh solar-generated power – which isn’t drawn from the grid.

The grid-tied system is ideal to store energy without the need for a battery system.

You will produce more energy for your farm when the sun is shining at its best during the afternoons.

You can even send the excess power back to the grid and earn credit.

However, if you have your own battery system installed, you don’t need to rely on the grid at all.

Hybrid Solar Systems

Hybrid systems are solar power with grid connection and battery banks. Both these options are working in concert together.

You can use batteries for this system to maximise using your own solar power.

If the power you get isn’t enough, you will have access to grid power to draw from.

Off-Grid Solar Systems

When your farm is located in a remote and isolated area without access to a central utility grid, you may have to rely on batteries to store solar energy for future use.

A solar battery can smooth out any power loss in the process. Batteries make perfect sense in an off-grid situation.

Without batteries, you may end up losing a lot of electricity and money. Solar batteries are quite expensive.

A properly sized solar battery bank will cost a lot. Solar batteries should be replaced every 10-12 years.

Why Do Off-Grid Solar Systems Used On Farms Need Batteries?

These systems are not connected to an electricity grid. Hence, they require battery storage.

The off-grid system should be properly designed so that it will produce enough power throughout the year.

It should also have enough battery capacity to meet the requirements of the farm.

The high cost of solar batteries means off-grid systems are more expensive compared to grid-tied and hybrid solar systems.

That’s why off-grid systems are ideal for remote and isolated regions in the country.

If your farm is located in such a region, your off-grid solar system needs batteries.

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