Are Narada Batteries Environmentally Friendly?

Are Narada Batteries Environmentally Friendly?

We live in a world where electrical energy requirements are ever-increasing.

From the development of electric vehicles, renewable electricity, solar power and distributed power generation among others, energy storage is fast becoming one of the essential technologies needed to bridge the gap between intermittent power generation and improve reliability.

Narada batteries, developed and manufactured by Narada Power Source Co. Limited, are considered to be one of the safest for the environment.

To reduce environmental pollution while ensuring that the specific requirements of each specific application are satisfied to the highest degree possible, these batteries are designed and built using newer eco-friendly technologies.

After reading this article, you should be able to understand:

• How batteries may harm the environment and,

• Why Narada batteries are considered to be safer for the environment

How Do Batteries Harm The Environment?

Batteries may harm the environment in a number of ways. For instance, improper disposal, through dumping into landfills can lead to the leakage of toxic waste into the environment.

This is because batteries are made of toxic materials including lead, cadmium, acid, lithium, mercury, manganese and zinc among others.

Inefficient consumption of power during the charging process and excessive losses during storage is also considered to be harmful to the environment as well.

The leakage of toxic fumes and acids from some batteries during normal operation also amounts to environmental pollution.

How Are Narada Batteries Different?

To protect the environment and prevent pollution during operation and after the end of their useful life, Narada batteries use the most eco-friendly technologies in power storage.

Sealed To Prevent Leakages

To prevent spillage or leakage of toxic acids and fumes into the environment, lead-acid Narada Power produces VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries.

These include Gel and AGM (Absorbed Glass Batteries). These batteries are completely sealed to prevent any cases of leakage even when used in applications where they are regularly subjected to a lot of movement and shocks.

Efficient Energy Consumption

As previously stated, Narada batteries are designed using various technologies to meet the demands of the intended application.

This also helps ensure that charging, discharging, recharging and storage of energy is done as efficiently as possible.

For instance, their AGM batteries support faster recharge times making them highly efficient in electric-powered vehicle applications, where braking power is often used to recharge batteries.

VRLA and Li-Ion batteries also hold their charge for extended periods without experiencing significant levels of self-discharge.

To minimise the self-discharge rate of Narada batteries, it is recommended that you keep the ambient temperature as low as possible; preferably below 35 degrees celsius but above 0 degrees celsius.

Life Span

Narada batteries are designed to last for years without any significant loss in capacity provided that they are properly maintained.

Some of the main factors influencing how long these batteries last include how they are charged and used. Once deployed, Narada batteries should be checked on a monthly, quarterly, yearly and three-year schedule.


Narada batteries can be recycled easily, preventing the dumping of toxic materials into the environment. For instance, in most parts of the world, lead-acid batteries are the most recycled battery type.

In fact, these batteries are 100 per cent recyclable, meaning that nothing goes to a landfill. Furthermore, in the case of Li-Ion Narada batteries, any unrecyclable parts are made using non-toxic materials.


When it comes to the creation of a green way of life for now and the future, Narada batteries are charting the way forward.

Designed to be recyclable, efficient and long-lasting, these batteries are being used across the world to support the green energy revolution in all aspects of our modern way of life.

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