Endrive ePOWER True Sine Wave Inverter (400W, 1000W & 2000W)

With ePOWER’s state of the art, easy to use design, these inverters will offer you reliable service for providing AC power and 5V USB power for your home, boat, caravan, 4WD or commercial vehicle. The Enerdrive ePOWER Inverter can run many AC powered appliances when you need AC power anywhere. The 5V USB power can charge many USB powered devices.


  • Australian GPO Outlets
  • True sine wave output is ideal for operating motor loads, and to reduce stress on surge protection circuitry, meaning potentially longer equipment life
  • Audio alarm with warning/error codes to alert user to check inverter condition before unit shutdown
  • Automatic shutdown protects overload, over temperature and low/high battery conditions
  • High surge capacity for products that require more power to start (2 x constant)
  • High efficiency conversion of battery available power to AC power
  • Mounting brackets for permanent installation
  • Heavy duty DC battery stud connectors
  • Includes 5V USB port
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The ePOWER True Sine Wave Inverter. Compact 400W, 1000W, 2000W inverter models that easily converts 12 volt (vehicle) power to 230 volt (household) power.

The Enerdrive ePOWER 400W, 1000W & 2000W true sine wave power inverter converts 12V battery power into true sine wave AC household power, allowing you to run loads up to 2000 watts. Electronic equipment and circuitry are designed to operate with a true sine wave, so most loads will perform better when connected to true sine wave.

ePOWER 400W True Sine Wave Inverter

Power for your portable devices can be a challenge for many; but with an ePOWER 400W True Sine Wave inverter installed you can power all your small portable electronics with ease.
It’s best practice for laptops, digital camera chargers, portable electronic devices etc, to be run from a True Sine Wave inverter if used for long extended periods; and 400watts of power is the perfect amount required.

For a quick charge, simply plug your devices into the onboard USB outlet to charge direct from the inverter without the need for AC leads and adaptors. The ePOWER inverter comes ready with battery cable and clips, the ePOWER 400W can easily be installed or stored for portable use in your boat, caravan or 4wd for those need it now moments.

ePOWER 1000W & 2000W

True Sine Wave Inverter.
For when you really need some larger onboard power demands in your application, the ePOWER 1000watt and 2000watt inverters have got you powered for all your basic appliances.

These inverters feature standard a remote on / off control switch to allow for hidden installation of your inverter.
The remote also allows for the simple ability to switch off the inverter when not required to reduce the stand by current draw that all inverters consume. With easily twice their rated output in surge capacity, you can comfortably start most appliances in your boat, caravan or 4wd.

If your appliance’s energy demands are high be sure to always jump to the next sized inverter.
Important Note: Due to the high frequency design of the ePOWER 1000W & 2000W inverters; appliances such as large pumps and compressors should NOT be run from these inverters. Should you need to run large compressor driven devices or pumps, please consider our professional range of products.