Narada REX 1000 Battery

Type: REX-1000
Voltage: 2V
Nominal Capacity: 1000Ah(C10) – 1000Ah(10 hours rate:)
Length: 231mm
Width: 282mm
Height: 396mm
Height with terminal: 408mm
Weight: 76Kg

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Narada's REX Battery is designed for renewable energy source such as solar and wind power.  REX is a product developed by Narada's R&D with an "eXtra" in Performance and Life Span with a design life of 20 years.

Technical Features:

  • Excellent design life
  • Designed for compliance with IEC61427, IEC60896, etc.
  • High cycling and fast recharge performance.
  • Unique construction and paste formula deisgn.
  • Very low self discharge.
  • Suitable for cycle use in harsh operating environments.
  • Suitable for cycle use when partially charged.


Model: REX1000

Nominal Voltage: 2V

Capacity (25ºC):

  • 10HR (100A, 1.8V/cell): 1000AH
  • 120HR (10A, 1.85V/cell): 1200AH

Download the full specification sheet here.