REXC1500 2V Series Lead Carbon Battery

Our Narada REXC Lead Carbon battery add carbon material with high capacitance or highly conductive into the negative electrode, combine the advantages of lead-acid battery and supercapacitors, Lead-carbon battery provide not only high energy density, but also high power, rapid charge and discharge, longer cycle life.

Narada REXCVFeatures & Benefits

  • Combine the advantage of lead acid battery and supercapacitor
  • Extra long cycle life
  • Special construction and formulation design
  • Excellent recharge acceptance performance, super fast charge/large discharge performance
  • Ideal for PSOC cycle application
  • Lead Carbon technogy
  • Module cabinet design, easy enlarge capacity
  • Comply with IEC61427, IEC60896 etc. standard

REX-C Battery Technical specifications


  • Home energy storage system
  • Hybrid energy system such as solar and wind energy
  • Generator and battery hybrid energy system
  • Emergency lighting system
  • Other standby, cyclic system

Battery Parameter

  • Nominal Voltage 12V or 6V
  • Charge Voltage Float use: 2.27Vpc (25℃ ) – Equalization and cycle use: 2.35Vpc (25℃ )
  • Terminal M6 or M8 copper insert
  • Container ABS
  • Plate Lead carbon(negative plate)
  • Operation Temp. Optimum temperature : 15℃ to 25℃ – Max. temperature: -20℃ to +50℃

Important Information

Product Guide: REXC Series Lead Carbon Battery