Tilt Frame PV Mounting System

Choose Solar tilt frames are quick to install and designed to meet Australian Standard AS1170 wind loading specifications. Our standard tilt frame is 30º but custom sizes are available on request.

You can select from our pre-configured tilt frame kits further down the page for rows of 3 to 6 panels.

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Tilt Frame Requirements

These tilt frame specifications are engineer certified to comply with AS1170 wind loading standards.

Panel WattsDesign Wind SpeedNo PanelsNo Frames
170/175W41metres/sec3 Panels2 Frames
170/175W41metres/sec4 Panels3 Frames
170/175W41metres/sec5 Panels4 Frames
170/175W41metres/sec6 Panels5 Frames
200W41metres/sec3 Panels2 Frames
200W41metres/sec4 Panels3 Frames
200W41metres/sec5 Panels4 Frames
200W41metres/sec6 Panels5 Frames
260W41metres/sec3 Panels3 Frames
260W41metres/sec4 Panels3 Frames
260W41metres/sec5 Panels4 Frames
260W41metres/sec6 Panels5 Frames

NOTE: Mounting rail attachment to Tilt Frames MUST be within 150mm of the “sloping channel member” end attachments.

Tilt Frame wind loading specs

Actual roof attachment is the responsibility of the installer and dependant on the roof material, condition and construction.

Tilt Frame certification

Choose Solar Mounting Rails are designed to meet AS-1170 wind loading requirements.

Click here to see further installation specificationsor click here to view example videos of a tile roof installation using a mounting rail system.