Why Doesn’t Everyone Go Off-Grid With PV Panels And A Battery?

Why Doesn’t Everyone Go Off-Grid With PV Panels And A Battery?

Off-Grid With PV Panels And Battery

A good look at what is happening around the world will reveal the necessity for renewable energy. Never before have communities needed to be as meticulous about greenhouse gasses as they are today.

However, is it just about the environment?

Does solar power only benefit a cleaner tomorrow, or can you make a list of reasons to switch your energy source? If you are new to solar power and the possibilities, you will gain some insight by reading this post. It covers some important basics like:

  • The benefits of going off the grid
  • How to get off the grid
  • What should you keep in mind?

Reasons For Going Off The Grid

Given that every individual and family have different needs, the benefits of PV panels are prioritised differently. Some things about using solar will simply be more important to you than to others.

So, in no particular order, here are some reasons to get your property off the grid.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint:

For environmentalists, off-the-grid living means avoiding fossil fuels altogether. With the right solar power system in place, it is definitely possible to keep the lights on without being tied to the grid.

This will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint as well as the strain on the environment.

  • Save money:

Even though the initial equipment costs money, energy from the sun is totally free of charge. Do not expect the sun to collect on all the energy you convert and utilise inside your home or business.

Thus, solar equipment should pay for itself fairly quickly, seeing as you do not need to pay for grid power anymore.

  • Be more independent:

While you might not be used to blackouts and power cuts, you are still tied to a large and vulnerable system. All it takes is a single component to break and it can leave thousands of homes powerless. And what about extreme weather?

Nobody can predict when extreme weather is going to take out the power. However, with an off-the-grid solar power system, it is something you won’t need to be worried about.

The Process For Going Off The Grid

Installing a solar power system is not a complicated matter if you work with the right people. And the best place to start is by calculating your energy needs.

You have to be in the know about things like your maximum energy usage at a single time. Then you can install a system that is able to carry the load when you need it.

A battery bank forms a critical part of the package. This is because a battery bank allows you to store energy that is not used throughout the day. So pay particular attention to your battery options. For example, lithium-ion models are more efficient than lead-acid batteries.

What To Keep In Mind?

In addition to choosing a dependable battery with enough charging cycles to last several years, you want to look at other factors as well. This includes the space you have available for the PV panels, the overall quality of the equipment you invest in, and the cost.

It might sound good to pay as little as possible, but not all solar equipment is created equal. Then you also have to think about your location. Do you get enough direct sunlight to keep your home powered?

Solar Will Remain A Necessity

Whatever way you choose to look at it, solar power is a necessity for a sustainable future. Not only does provide a practical energy solution, but it is affordable and readily available.

And that is why everyone should be investing in an off-grid-system if the opportunity presents itself. Are you looking to go solar or utilise an off-grid battery system in your home?

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