When Should You Invest in Lithium Ion Batteries

When Should You Invest in Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium Ion Batteries
You’ve probably heard about solar batteries & noticed increased debate around the value and benefits.

You’re also probably more familiar with solar panels. These collect solar energy that is then converted into electricity via an inverter — the main box on a wall. Any excess not utilised is sent to the grid which can then be returned for a discount on your power bill.

The batteries store energy for you to use at a later time or to be sent back into the grid at a time that capitalises on energy prices.

Batteries can also allow you to go off-grid or provide an alternative to joining the grid which is particularly useful when you are in a rural area, or have limited access to utilities such as house boats.

There are different kinds of battery technologies, which have different pros and cons in terms of efficiency, but the main one currently dominating the market is lithium ion, which has been quoted recently by Warwick Johnston an industry analyst.

With the price of lithium ion batteries falling & the growing costs of power bills the time to secure a solar power battery system is better than ever. Choose Solar provides significant warranties & the very best in service and advice so you can generate the right solar battery setup for your application.