3 Things to Consider for Your Solar Battery System

3 Things to Consider for Your Solar Battery System

Three Tips when Buying a Solar battery Systems

Check out a recent Narada Battery Setup on of our retailers installed with a powerful inverter. We love seeing the positive feedback from our clients once they have seen the value of solar battery setups. Make sure you do your research when considering solar battery systems & ensure the power generated is what you need. We often hear stories from people who didn’t invest in the best products & may have initially saved but paid the price when there system becomes depleted after only a few years.

3 Things to Consider for Your Solar Battery System:

  1. Warranties – Solar battery systems all have warranties, however some have a pro-rata clause on them making them the least favourable because they will run out & have a calculation attached to each battery. Secure a 5 or 7 year warranty on the whole setup so if a single battery fails, then a replacement will be given.
  2. Get The Right Amount of Power – We would always recommend getting an additional battery or even a slightly stronger inverter to allow your system to scale for more storage and avoid any downtime in higher demand times.
  3. Choose a Trusted Supplier – Do your research & find a local company to help & support you through the process, find out if they actually supply the products or are they just resellers, if they are resellers, they are less likely to understand the best setup & advice will be less credible.

If you’re considering a solar battery system then give our team a call, as a leading Narada battery supplier, we provide some of the best pricing and support